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  • Effective giveaways - If you work with marketing or sales, you will often find yourself at a tradeshow, conference or other event, trying to stand out from the crowd of presenters and booths. Your product has it's right to space, but it can be difficult to make yourself noticed by the masses. So, what do you do to attract attention?

  • Disable AutoRun / AutoPlay - When using the USB duplicator, it's common to connect large numbers of USB drives to a computer. When connecting 50 or more USB drives to a computer, all those automatic popup windows become an annoyance, and also waste system resources when reading all the connected file systems. Disabling AutoRun, also known as AutoPlay, when you insert removable media like an USB drive or a CD or DVD is almost essential when you are working with USB duplication.

  • Clone USB drives - Need to clone USB drives? With USB Duplicator Now, you can easily copy the content from one drive to lots of other USB drives. Here's how.

  • Distribute sensitive data on USB drives - If you need to distribute sensitive data, USB Duplicator Now can help you. Sending the content to a duplication provider may not be acceptable with sensitive content. Buying expensive duplication hardware is another option, but no longer necessary. Read on...

  • Bitcoin payments - We accept payments in the virtual currency bitcoin. Please contact us to proceed.


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