Screenshots of USB Duplication on Mac

Looking for USB Duplicator Now for Windows?

We'd like to share some screenshots of USB duplication using the USB Duplicator Now for Mac. If you have any questions about how it works and what it can do, chances are your questions will be answered by browsing through the screenshots showing the different windows in USB Duplicator Now.

Startup screen

Here's a shot of the normal startup screen. It takes a simple three-click approach to copying:

  1. Select source folder
  2. Set task preferences
  3. Copy!

USB Duplication on Mac


Main screen with details

If you expand the details pane, you will see a detailed log (with timings) showing all copying actions and other tasks. There are timestamps, so you can measure how fast different hubs or USB drives are, and how much faster it gets when adding more USB sticks at the same time.

In this screenshot, most of the drives have finished copying, but it is still working.



In the Preferences window, you can set many of the options you want for this task. Please note that USB Duplicator Now will remember these preferences until the next run. In the preferences window, you can adjust:

  1. Number of concurrent threads when copying.
  2. Ignore lack of space warnings: great when overwriting large files, or redoing tasks
  3. Always overwrite: Don't ask for confirmation when overwriting files. Again, great for repeat tasks when you're fixing an earlier mistake, or updating old USB sticks
  4. Eject after copy complete: safely eject drives so you can disconnect them and hand them out!
  5. Set label: change the label of the drives to this label. Very useful for branding. Please note the 11 character limit on Windows formatted drives (aka. vfat, fat32 or msdos file system)

USB Duplicator Now for Mac - Preferences

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