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Need lots of USB drives with content - fast? Some people are really good at planning, and organise everything months ahead. For the rest of us, with our busy schedules, we need to get things done with a deadline. And anything can be solved with lots of money, but again, the rest of us have a budget to work with.


You can buy USB Duplicator hardware online. They can be expensive, often priced at more than $1000 per unit. And if you need it for one or two events, it seems excessive, and cuts deep into your marketing budget.


So perhaps you can rent a USB Duplicator. I haven't seen them for hire, but maybe you can find them at a reasonable price!


We've got a better solution, that'll save your budget and get you started immediately.


USB Duplicator Now is software that turns your computer into a USB duplicator. Need more USB ports? Get a USB hub from your local gadget store. Need more duplicators? Buy 2. At this price, you can afford several, while still reaping all the benefits of a flexible software USB duplication solution:

  • Download now and get started immediately
  • Mobile - always on your laptop
  • Flexible - get more hubs to copy faster
  • Cheap - works with standard hardware
  • Also available for Mac


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€ 47.50 (approx. $62)

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