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If you work with marketing or sales, you will often find yourself at a tradeshow, conference or other event, trying to stand out from the crowd of presenters and booths. Your product has it's right to space, but it can be difficult to make yourself noticed by the masses. So, what do you do to attract attention?

There is one trick that regularly beats the competition at tradeshows - a good giveaway. But it can be difficult to come up with a good giveaway that is worth the money. You want ROI - Return On Investment. So you need your giveaway to return something to you. Either you're spreading good information, software samples, product documentation, or you're recieving information on potential customers in exchange for your giveaway, and these should be converting an interested potential customer into a real paying customer.

So what is a good giveaway? What would bring people over to your booth, interested enough to break the ice and start talking so that you can get your sales pitch in and make the sale? This is a question with more than one answer, but we'd like to make a suggestion: USB drives. Thumb drives, loaded with your product list, your contact information, sample software, your presentation, even your sales pitch!

The fact is that visitors to a tradeshow will see tens to hundreds of booths in a day, and usually walk away with a bag full of snacks, brochures and a big bunch of business cards. But a thumb drive with all that information in an electronic format that's easy to share beats all of the above. And it makes your information easy to distribute back to colleagues and friends, and easy to copy your contact details directly into an address book. No more typos losing you business!

So what do you need to get started? It's easy:

  1. USB thumb drives - you can buy 1GB drives for prices as low as US$5, and smaller drives are likely to be cheaper. Get smaller drives to afford more of them.
  2. A way to copy files to many USB drives - USB Duplicator Now is a tool specialized for this task. All it requires is lots of free USB ports (USB hubs are good for this!).

From here on it's easy! Just plug in a drive in each USB port, select the source folder to copy, and click "Go!". The software will let you know when the copying is done, and you can hand out your drives and copy more files.

And don't forget: you can even customize the content of your handouts while you're at the trade show! Noticed a fad going on there that you hadn't picked up before? Work it into your sales pitch and marketing material, copy onto the USB drives, and keep handing them out! Then your information can do the work for you!

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