Distribute sensitive data

There are many scenarios where sensitive data must to be distributed in a controlled way. Some sample applications are:

  • Law enforcement sharing case data with officials and lawyers
  • Company internal information distributed to board members, stock holders and employees of a company
  • Political party plans to be shared with party members
  • Research data that is not yet released

If you need to distribute sensitive data, USB Duplicator Now can help you. Sending the content to a duplication provider may not be acceptable with sensitive content. Buying expensive duplication hardware is another option, but no longer necessary. With USB Duplicator Now you can duplicate files to a number of USB drives, in-house with standard hardware. All you need is a computer and the required USB HUBs and drives, which can all be purchased at low cost in most electronics stores.

If your data is highly sensitive, we recommend encrypting it and sharing the key through a separate channel. Truecrypt is a free tool you can use to encrypt the data, and you can make sure the recipient can decrypt it by also putting the Truecrypt installer on the USB drive. Make sure to distribute the key through another secure channel.

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