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Need to clone USB drives? With USB Duplicator Now, you can easily copy the content from one drive to lots of other USB drives.

How it's done

First, you need to copy the contents from the master USB drive to your hard drive. Create a new folder, let's call it "USB master" in your Desktop, and copy the full contents of the USB drive into this folder. Make sure you copy hidden and system files too!

At this point you are ready to run USB Duplicator Now. Start the software, and select the folder that you created ("USB master") as the source folder. If you haven't already, connect the USB hubs and USB drives you want to copy the files to, and they will be autodetected by USB Duplicator Now.

Almost done! Click the Copy button, and your files will quickly be copied to the USB drives you have selected. Just wait for a bit, and you're done!

Future development

Future versions of USB Duplicator Now will support exact bit by bit copy, to include the boot sector and other content that is not copied in a normal file copy.

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